Thursday, 29 June 2017

DIY Fourth of July Snacks

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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

15 years of marketing research in 11 minutes


Introduction To Business Research Methods

Discover & compare basic business research methods you can use to ascertain whether your new business idea has the potential to succeed in competitive markets.

Highly Recommended For  : Entrepreneurship, International Business, Leadership, Project Management, Strategic Management

Business Research Methods

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Innovation Management

Thursday, 22 June 2017

How to Create Private Label Products - How To Create Your Own Branded Pr...

Business Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read in 2017 - Fortune

Bill Gates recently released his favorite books of 2016. Claiming he averages about one book a week, the billionaire business magnate says reading is his “favorite way to learn about a new topic.”

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Monday, 19 June 2017

In-Flight Travel Essentials | Zoella


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Lonely Planet- Travel Books

Travel Books

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Lonely Planet

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What's in My Tech Travel Backpack?

Thursday, 15 June 2017

How great leaders inspire action | Simon Sinek


Business Accountability

What Ever Happened to Accountability? - Harvard Business Review

Accountability is also a management process that ensures employees answer to their superior for their actions and that supervisors behave responsibly as well. Accountability addresses both the organization's expectation of the employee and the employee's expectation of the organization.

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Monday, 12 June 2017

Harvard's Michael Porter on long-term strategy in a downturn

Business Strategies You Need to Know About in 2017 

As the world is currently in the midst of financial and economic crises, this collection of expert contributions focuses on strategy formation and implementation at various organizational levels to address the challenges ahead.

The strategies and practices recommended by these books are aimed to design continuous development competencies and contribute to the stability, recovery and sustainability of global business operations under volatile economic conditions. This carefully selected books seeks to establish managerial strategies and practices for effectively responding to challenges in the competitive business environment, as global volatility and fluctuations continue to worsen.

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Business Strategies

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Thursday, 8 June 2017

How To Create An Online Business That Makes Money 24/7

Books to Read Before Starting Your Online Business

A list of business and marketing books that will help you learn what it takes to build a successful business as an online instructor. We also organized these books into different categories based on which aspect of business and marketing they focus on.

How To Create An Online Business That Makes Money

How To Create An Online Business That Makes Money -  UK

Tuesday, 6 June 2017


Father's Day Gift Ideas - Gifts For All Types Of Dads

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Father's Day


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